? Frequently asked questions ?

 Who are The Little Crumb Snatchers? 

We are one of Atlanta's first baby gear cleaning specialist that provides child safety seat education for parents and caregivers. 

What does The Little Crumb Snatchers do?

We provide premium wash options to remove accumulated dirt and bacteria that have been hidden under the fabric and frame of your child's gear.  As an added bonus we provide education on the proper way to secure your child(ren) in the car. 

Where will Crumb Snatchers be?

We are always on the move, we have weekly pop ups at your favorite retailers, community parks, entertainment/family fun centers all over the Paulding County & Metro Atlanta area.  

When will the Crumb Snatchers be in my area?

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Why is having my child safety seat cleaned important?

Extreme amounts of bacteria can be the cause of discomfort and sickness.  A clean stroller will keep your baby from the risks of illnesses, skin rashes and infections. 

How will my child's gear be cleaned ? 

Per each manufacturers specific guidelines we will vacuum, sterilize the fabrics & frame and reassemble. We only use baby-safe, gentle eco-friendly products; bringing your child's gear back to pristine condition.